Unique Vocational Training Center Ltd.

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Unique Vocational Training Center Ltd. (UVTCL) started its operation at the end of 1999 under the title of “Guan Choun Unique Vocational Training Center” with the active support of Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore registered with the Board of Investment (BOI). Now UVTCL works under the joint collaboration of Lian Beng Training and Testing Center, Singapore.

The training center is located at Ghoshbag in Ashulia, Dhaka. It is the largest training center in Bangladesh with 289188 square feet of sheltered space, featuring own substation and one 126 KVA and another 275 KVA generators for conducting the training without interruption. 250 trainees can attend theoretical classes at a time. The center also operates various skills training programs as per the demand of the employers.